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History and Development

The Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County (previously known as Cultural Center or Bureau of Cultural Affairs) is located on No. 69, Dalian Rd., Ping Tung City. Founded in 1984, it became the hardware facility for the Cultural Center after the construction of the Jhonjheng Library as well as the merger between the original Jhonjheng Museum of Arts and Jieshou Library. Meanwhile, Local Art Museum and Hakka Cultural Museum were set up in succession. In addition, on October 2, 2000, it was transformed into the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, an interior agency within the County Hall, in accordance with Pingtung County Government’s Letter Order No. 139194 of Secret Legal System (August 31, 2000). Eventually, it was converted into the Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County on February 20, 2008, based on Pingtung County Government’s Administrative Law No.0970032845 of “Self-Governance Ordinance for Governmental Organizations in Pingtung County”, amended and declared on February 18, 2008.

I. Jhonjheng Library: It is a five-storey building intended to mainly provide library services. It measures 82260 square feet, including the basement (parking lots and a temporary workshop classrooms); the 1st and 2nd floor galleries, Periodical Room, Reference Room, Audiovisual Room and Acquisition and Cataloging Room; the 3rd floor open shelves Library; the 4th floor Exhibition Room and Paiwan Sculpture Museum; the 5th floor lecture halls (Group Multi-Media Room and small concert halls), the Office of the Director and the Administration Office.

II. Jhonjheng Museum of Arts: 
As the first professional concert and lecture hall in Taiwan, it came into use in 1980. There are corridors combined with galleries and facilities for workshop classrooms on both sides of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.
Measuring about one hectare with a building area covering 69552 square feet, it accommodates 839 seats.