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Pingtung County Performing Arts Center

concert hall

art center

The Center is Southern Taiwan's first county/city-level concert hall with a pipe organ. Made by Alexander Schuke Orgelbau GmbH in Potsdam, Germany, and comprising 45 stops and 2,793 pipes, this pipe organ boasts the world's first “horizontal”bamboo pipes. Such an innovative design makes the Center a music and performance space with optimal acoustic quality. 

The Center has a music hall for musical performances, as well as a multi-functional experimental theater” and “open-air plaza.” 

The music hall (also the major hall), with 1,050 seats, is suitable for various types of musical performances. The experimental theater, with 150 seats, is a black box theater for experimental drama and dance. The open-air plaza, with an audience capacity of 1,200, is meant for diverse art and cultural events.